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Bug Off Dog Shampoo Bar

Bug Off Dog Shampoo Bar

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Tell those pesky insects Don't Bug Me thanks to our moisturizing, bug repellent Bug Off Shampoo Bar. This shampoo deeply nourishes while leaving their coat silky soft. It's handcrafted from high quality, human grade & pup safe ingredients. Bug Off Shampoo Bar is great for:

Soothes itchy & irritated skin

Promotes hair growth

Conditions hair

Moisturizes skin, helps dry skin conditions like eczema

Antibacterial properties


This bar contains a proprietary blend of essential oils (lemongrass, cedarwood & lavender) that not only adds an amazing fragrance but is fungicidal, antibacterial & anti-itch. This natural blend of essential oils is also great at repelling mosquitoes, fleas & ticks.



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